• Title : musician
  • Rating : crew
  • Department : hotel
  • Reports to : hotel manager/ corporate hotel manager/ operations manager
  • Cabin : shared


  • Must have in public relations which demands an excellent command of English
    and/or German language;
  • Must be able to play the piano and additional instruments on small concert
  • Must be able to sing in various languages, depending on the Vessel’s
    passengers’ nationalities;
  • Should be able to assist the hotel crew during the rehearsals of the crew show
    and during the performances;
  • Must have the ability to communicate with all levels of personnel and
  • Must have reasonable experience in entertainment industry;
  • Must be able to work flexible time schedule and to the Company’s standards.


  • Be friendly to passengers and crew as well as focused on job tasks;
  • Play entertaining music according to the specific moments onboard;
  • Assist Bar/Lounge after cocktail hours to collect, clean and re-order back in the
    Bar glasses;
  • Assist crew members when necessary and requested;
  • Be aware and follow security/fire/safety procedures according to the Vessel’s
    standards and regulations;
  • Be properly dressed in public areas, wearing the name tags and acting in a
    professional and responsible