• Title : masseur / masseuse
  • Rating : crew
  • Department : spa and wellness
  • Reports to : hotel manager
  • Cabin : shared
  • Uniform male : white t-shirt, white trousers, white socks, white shoes
  • Uniform female: white t-shirt, white trousers, white socks, white shoes


  • Must have experience on ships or hotel industry as Masseur/se;
  • Must have beautician and/ or massages certification; Must be aware of the body
    structure and muscles;
  • Must be able to deal with passengers in a professional manner;
  • Must have English and/ or German language skills;
  • Must be reliable and able to work unsupervised;
  • Must be able to work flexible time schedule and to the Company’s standards.


  • Be friendly to passengers and crew as well as focused on job tasks
  • No visible piercing whilst on duty other than regular female stud earrings;
  • Guide guests through the Massage service offerings and help them choose the types
    of massages that would benefit them most;
  • Take detailed histories from guests, including information about any injuries or
    conditions, such as diabetes;
  • Design sessions around clients’ specific complaints or problem areas;
  • Listen to clients during massages and adjust technique to meet their needs;
  • Suggest massage schedules for recurring sessions;
  • Organise the wellness area (fitness room, jacuzzi, sauna) for the guests onboard;
  • Ensure sauna has the right temperature; jacuzzi in on and that the fitness machines
    are disinfected;
  • Keep clean the whole wellness area;  Prepare lemonade for the guests to enjoy
    their time and after the massage;
  • Prepare towels in every area, including the sundeck for when the weather allows
    outdoor fitness activities;
  • Morning fitness activities outdoor or in the lounge bar;
  • Responsible for the gift shop onboard;
  • Basic reception duties when necessary;