Head Waiter/ESS

  • RATING : crew
  • DEPARTMENT : restaurant
  • REPORTS TO : maitre d’hotel/ hotel manager/ corporate hotel manager
  • SUBORDINATES : waiter
  • CABIN : shared
  • UNIFORM MALE : black trousers, black closed-toe shoes, black socks, black belt
  • UNIFORM FEMALE : black skirt, black closed-toe shoes, natural tights, black belt


  • Must have experience on ships or hotel industry of minimum one (1) year;
  • Must have skills in public relations which demands an excellent command of
    English and/or German language;
  • Must be basic knowledgeable in HACCP;
  • Must have knowledge of table reservation systems, special diets and ethnic
  • Must have the ability to communicate with all levels of personnel and
  • Must be reliable and able to work unsupervised;
  • Must be able to relief the Assistant Maître D’hôtel for holidays and sick leave;
  • Must be able to work flexible time schedule and to the Company’s standards.


  • Be friendly to passengers and crew as well as focused on job tasks;
  • No visible piercing whilst on duty other than regular female stud earrings;
  • Ensure that all necessary tasks are performed in order to maintain maximum
    cost control;
  • Ensure that the passengers seating system is followed and managed efficiently;
  • Ensure that Restaurant crew are at all times up to the standards in regard to the
    Food and Beverage service, the Vessel’s hygiene regulations and as outlined in
    the Hotel Management Manual;
  • Carry out induction and training for all new crew members and monitor their
  • Be aware of and follow security/ fire/ safety procedures according to the
    Vessel’s standards;
  • Lead subordinates successfully into productive working methods by setting an
  • Request assistant from the Maître D’hôtel and Hotel Manager when needed, at
    all times;
  • Ensure that communication between Restaurant and other Vessel Departments
    is always maintained;
  • Ensure that Restaurant notice board is neat and always updated;
  • Ensure that all passengers’ complaints concerning the Restaurant Department
    are followed up personally;
  • Ensure that service in the Restaurant Department is carried out according to the
    standards set out in the Hotel Management Manual and according to the
    Company’s standards;
  • Ensure that communication with the Vessel’s passengers is always conducted in
    a friendly and efficient manner.