Head Cabin Steward/ESS

  • Title : head cabin steward
  • Rating : officer/ three stripes
  • Department : cabins
  • Reports to : hotel manager/ corporate hotel manager/ operations manager
  • Subordinates : assistant cabin steward/ laundry and cabin steward
  • Cabin : shared
  • Uniform male : black trousers, black closed-toe shoes, black socks, black belt
  • Uniform female: black skirt, black closed-toe shoes, natural tights, black belt


  • Must have at least three (3) experience in a similar position or Cabins Department
    onboard cruise vessels;
  • Must have skills in public relations which demands an excellent command of English
    and/or German language;
  • Must have Computer skills: iOS, Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Outlook,
    Fidelio Cruise (or similar ship management software), Stock Control System;
  • Must be able to deal with the crew and passengers in a professional manner;
  • Must be a self-starter and able to motivate departmental crew members;
  • Must be a good organiser and communicator; feel comfortable working with crew of
    different nationalities;
  • Must be able to work under pressure and to meet deadlines and work to the
    Company’s standards;
  • Must have strong character with developed leadership skills;
  • Must have pleasant disposition and friendly personality;
  • Must have high degree of patience and understanding;
  • Must be able to work flexible time schedule and to the Company’s standards.


  • Be friendly to passengers and crew as well as focused on job tasks;
  • Maintaining and establishing the Cabins Department standards in all passenger area
    of the vessel as outlined in the Hotel Management Manual, as well as to assist to
    permanently improve and update the Cabins procedures;
  • Effective supervision of all cabin personnel; efficient organisation of the cabin crew;
  • Ensure working and cleaning schedules are carried out;
  • Control of departmental budget by controlling supplies and maintaining stock
  • Daily inspection of all areas for which the Cabin Steward is responsible; ensure any
    points which are not up to the standards, are corrected;
  • Carry out induction and training for all new crew members and monitor their
  • General administration of the Cabins department;
  • Ensure Cabin crew members maintain uniform and personal hygiene standards;
  • Be aware of and follow security/ fire/ safety procedures according to the Vessel’s
  • Deal with the passenger complaints in efficient and professional manner;
  • Lead subordinates successfully into productive working methods by setting an
  • Provide a two-way line of communication for crew; deal with day to day issues
    including personal matters;
  • Ensure that correct onboard procedures are adhered to, especially with regard to
    correct handling and record of counselling reports and/or warnings;
  • Ensure that the set standards are kept and that crew members work according to
    their respective job descriptions; corrective actions to be taken to ensure standards
    are upheld;
  • Request assistant from the Hotel Manager when needed, at all times;
  • Check on existing standards by consulting the cabin crew members and suggest
    improvements to the Hotel Manager where Cabins and Passenger service are
  • Maintain daily communication with the Cabins Team and Hotel Manager.